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10 Smart ways to protect your camper against burglary and theft

Owning a camper offers unprecedented freedom and adventure, but it also comes with certain risks. Burglary and theft are unfortunately real dangers that you have to take into account. RVs often contain valuables and are valuable assets themselves, making them attractive targets for criminals. Fortunately, there are several ways to secure your RV. In this article we share ten effective methods to protect your camper, so you can travel worry-free.

  1. Bearlock
  2. Steering wheel lock
  3. Additional lock
  4. Window lock
  5. Wheel clamp
  6. Alarm system
  7. Tension straps
  8. GPS tracker
  9. Gas alarm
  10. Safe
Bearlock (Gearbox lock)bearlock-camper-tips

A Bearlock is a mechanical lock that blocks your gearbox. This prevents your camper from being put into another gear, which discourages thieves from driving away with it. This lock is sturdy, reliable and virtually invisible, making it an excellent first line of defense.

Steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a simple but effective way to secure your camper. It blocks the steering wheel, making it virtually impossible to steer the camper. The advantage of a steering lock is that it can be quickly installed and removed, which is ideal for short stops.

Extra lock on door

The standard RV door locks are often not enough to stop a seasoned burglar. Therefore, consider installing extra locks on your doors. These additional locks make it much more difficult to force open the doors and provide an extra layer of security.

Window lock

Windows are often a weak spot in RV security. Window locks prevent the windows from being broken or forced open. They are easy to install and greatly increase the overall security of your RV.

Wheel clamp

A wheel clamp makes it impossible to drive the camper away, even if a thief manages to start it. Wheel clamps are sturdy and conspicuous, which also has a deterrent effect. This is especially useful if you park your camper somewhere for a longer period of time.

Alarm system

A good alarm system is a must-have for every camper. Modern alarm systems can not only detect when a door or window is opened, but also detect movement inside the camper. The loud alarm will deter potential thieves and warn you of possible intruders.

Lashing straps between the doors

A creative DIY solution: tension straps between the doors. This simple but effective method prevents the doors from being opened. It's a cheap and quick way to add extra security, especially useful during short stops.gps-tracker-camper-tips

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker helps you to always locate your camper. If your camper is unexpectedly stolen, you can easily find it via the tracker. This can significantly increase the chances of getting your RV back.

Gas alarm3gas-alarm-camper-tips
Burglars sometimes use gas to render the occupants of a camper unconscious. A gas alarm detects these types of dangerous gases and warns you in time so that you can take action. This gives an extra layer of safety, especially at night.


A safe in your camper provides a safe place for your valuables such as money, jewelry and important documents. Make sure the safe is properly anchored so that it cannot be easily carried away.

General tips for camper security

In addition to the above measures, there are also general tips you can follow to keep your camper safe:

  • Park in secure areas: Look for campsites or parking lots with security.
  • Lighting: Park your camper under a lamppost or in a well-lit area.
  • Company: Park near other campers. Burglars are more likely to choose an insulated camper.
  • Social control: Park where many people walk by, this deters thieves.
  • Hanging a dog leash: This may suggest that a guard dog is present.
  • Avoid highways and notorious locations: Common places for burglary are highways and deserted areas.

Securing your camper is essential to enjoy your trip worry-free. With these tips and measures you can make it a lot more difficult for thieves and you can travel with peace of mind. Wishing you many safe and enjoyable kilometers!

Do you have any other security tips? Share them in the comments below!

Stefan Molenaar


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